a refreshing 'sound' alternative to current tech

Current Features:

Dictation Features:
- Allows for quick creation of documents
- Mistakes can be fixed rapidly using the double click voice-correction.
- Contains customizable profiles and a training wizard to allow ease of use.
- Can be used with any word-processing program

Voice Command & Control Features:
- Use your voice to navigate menus and to manipulate windows
- Open documents and programs with a few simple words
- You can create your own custom commands to do as you wish =)

Text to Speech features:
- Use Voxx to play any text that you highlight
- Plays back text as you type, important for sensitive data
- Announces any Windows system messages as they occur
- Convert your documents into .wav files to listen to later
- Various voices for playback

Upcoming Features:

- Say what you see on screen
- Voice Controlled Mouse, say "up" and the mouse moves up
- Navigation by numbers - Each clickable region or window is given a number, simply say then number and it will navigate to the window, or "click" on the region
- Persistent Listening, no more pushing F12 constantly, Voxx will stay active for 10 seconds after last command was issued
- Document Voice Navigation
- Document Transcribing from a previously recorded sound file
- Intelligent Reading, no more spelling out URL's, instead it will ignore the http://www.
- Time Announcer
- Reminder Service
- Richer Voices
- Customizable Fetcher allowing you to get News, Weather, or other RSS feeds by a voice command

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